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History of Nickel Plate Road #190

NKP #190 was built in March 1948 for the New York Chicago & St Louis Railroad, also known as the Nickel Plate Road. Doyle McCormack's father worked for this railroad, and it was in this locomotive that Doyle had his first diesel cab ride. A Nickel Plate Berkshire steam locomotive, the #743, was Doyle's first cab ride in a steam locomotive.

The #190 ran on trains that operated between Chicago, IL and Buffalo, NY, as well as between Cleveland, OH and Saint Louis, MO. The NKP PAs were based and maintained in Conneaut, OH, Doyle's home town. Unfortunately, none of the NKP PA locomotives survived the scrapper's torch.

Santa Fe #62-L

#62-L was built for Santa Fe in December 1948. Delivered in the popular red and silver warbonnet paint scheme, it ran on Santa Fe's Super Chief train that ran between Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as the San Diegan between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Delaware & Hudson #18

On April 5, 1967, Santa Fe #62-L was removed from the roster and sent to Morrison-Knudson, a company that rebuilt locomotives for railroads. August 11, 1975, M-K rebuilt the #62-L for Delaware and Hudson Railroad, painted it blue and silver with familiar warbonnet lines, and renumbered it to D&H #18. It operated around the New York area, primarily on the Adirondack route, a brief stint in Boston's MBTA commuter system before being sold to Mexico in 1978.

Mexico and the journey back to United States

In year 2000, Doyle McCormack went to Mexico to purchase the former Santa Fe #62-L and #59-L, D&H #18 and #16 respectively. #62-L (#18) was brought to Portland's Brooklyn Roundhouse to undergo restoration. Locomotive #59-L (#16) is bound for Frisco, TX to be restored as a Santa Fe warbonnet.

Nickel Plate Road #190 Resurrection

At Brooklyn Roundhouse, volunteers have worked hard to rebuild this locomotive from the ground up, including the installation of prime mover, traction motors, cab controls and electrical cabinets.

The Return of NKP #190!

Everyone's goal is to return the 190 to operating condition. In 2014 it made a trip across the U.S. to partake in a Streamliners event in North Carolina.

Work continues towards returning 190 to operation. The prime mover has been fired up a couple of times, and progress continues.

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